People choose to adopt a child for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a biological child was not possible. Others may choose to adopt a special needs child. Choosing to adopt a child is an important decision involving numerous legal issues. Adoption laws vary from state to state. Adherence to the various laws is critical which is why consulting with an adoption attorney is vital.

A Lansing adoption lawyer can help you through the legal process of adoption beginning with the simple question, “How do I adopt a child?”. There are several ways to adopt a child. The most common types are:

Adopting Agency: Regulated by the state, these agencies are either private or public. Children are place in public agencies for reasons such as abandonment, orphaned, or abused. Children at private agencies are brought by their caregiver voluntarily after birth or by expectant parents wishing to give their child up for adoption.

Adopting through Identification: This type of adoption is when adoptive parents locate a mother wanting to put her child up for adoption. After the perspective parents locate a mother they ask the adoption agency to take care of the rest. This strategy eliminates a wait list for the adoptive parents while still providing the professional services given by the agency.

Adoption by Stepparent: This type of adoption takes place when a new spouse adopts a child from a different partner. The process is much more simpler than the previously explained adoptions. Both biological parents must consent and parental rights are removed from the previous partner. The expertise of an adoption attorney is needed due to the amount of time and paper work involved in granting the adoption.

Adopting by Same-Sex Couple: Each state varies widely concerning same-sex couple adoptions. An adoption lawyer is crucial to make sure the process is adhered to.

Due to the complicated nature, an adoption lawyer is a requirement in adoption proceedings. Please contact our adoption attorney to set up a free consultation.