Grand Rapids Alimony Attorneys

If you are facing imminent divorce it is critical to consult with experienced Grand Rapids alimony attorneys. Grand Rapids alimony attorneys will inform you of your spousal rights. Alimony is financial support paid by one party to another party to acknowledge the contribution to the household over the course of the marriage.

Michigan is a “No Fault” state. Residents can obtain a divorce without proving the other party did something wrong. In spite of this law, courts do consider “fault” when dividing property, assets, and determining spousal support. Based on experience, Grand Rapids alimony attorneys can assess your case to determine what is likely going to happen.

Alimony is awarded three ways:

  • Lump Sum: A gross payment for the full amount.
  • Periodic Payments: This type of support is short term. The support is meant to help the spouse become financially independent.
  • Permanent Payments: Usually last until death, remarriage, or an order of the court.

Many factors are considered in determining spousal support:

  • Length of Marriage
  • Age of the Parties
  • Needs of the Parties
  • Health of the Parties
  • Past relations and Conduct of the Parties
  • Ability to Pay
  • Prior Standard of Living
  • Amount of Property Awarded
  • Fairness

Unlike child support, there is no specific formula to determine spousal support. Unofficial guidelines are often used by alimony attorneys in Grand Rapids MI. Courts will consider these numbers but they can also deny.

If needed, alimony lawyers in Grand Rapids MI can petition a temporary support order if the parties are no longer living together. The same factors are considered when determining the support amount.

Grand Rapids alimony attorneys understand the complexity of Michigan spousal support laws. Our firm fights for your best interests. If you are facing divorce contact our law office today to speak with an attorney. The initial consultation is of no charge to you.