Grand Rapids Divorce Lawyers

There are several financial and emotional side effects that accompany divorce. Grand Rapids divorce lawyers understand the impact divorce can have on families. Each member is affected. The transition from a couple to being one is overwhelming. Most likely you have a lot of unanswered questions regarding your future.

Grand Rapids divorce attorneys inform clients of their legal spousal rights. Our goal is to help you understand the laws and how they affect you. Family law is very complex and often confusing. Having one of our firm’s Grand Rapids divorce lawyers on your side is essential.

Divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids MI are experienced attorneys experienced in no contest divorce, litigation divorce, and mediation. We have successfully represented both men and women in simple divorce cases and complicated divorce requiring aggressive litigation from divorce attorneys in Grand Rapids MI.

Mediation is great for couples who are still able to communicate and work well together. An attorney does not represent either side. Rather a mediator acts as a neutral party assisting couples to find solutions to their issues together. A mediator is skilled in helping couples avoid conflict so that they are able to make better decisions. Mediation can settle the issues of child support, spousal support, property / asset division, custody, and visitation in a more peaceful way than litigation divorce.

Grand Rapids divorce lawyers can help you choose the type of divorce that will work best for you situation. Divorce is overwhelming and at times scary. Our compassionate team is here for you during this transition. We will make sure your rights are protected and your needs are met.

Contact our legal office today. We will schedule an initial consultation free of charge to learn about you and your particular situation.