Grand Rapids Family Law Attorneys

Divorce and family complications are a serious matter to be handled by Grand Rapids family law attorneys. Life changing decisions will be made and you must have qualified, specialized Grand Rapids family lawyers on your side.

Our family law attorneys in Grand Rapids MI serve the legal needs of married couples seeking divorce, single individuals, grandparents pursuing visitation, and other family situations. Specialized and licensed Grand Rapids family law attorneys will handle your case effectively and aggressively if necessary.

Family law attorneys in Grand Rapids MI have successfully litigated cases for the following:

Child Support & Alimony

Children come first. Reasonable and fair financial support of the child and spouse must be allocated.

Custody & Visitation Rights

Ideally, parents will share joint custody and child rearing decisions. We understand the unique circumstances of each individual and work to find the best interests of our client and that of the child.

Property / Asset Division

Assets and property must be divided proportionately among the parties. The division must be fair. Division goes beyond splitting everything in half. Family lawyers in Grand Rapids MI are skilled in formulating plans that will be reasonable for the whole family.

Seeking counsel from family lawyers in Grand Rapids MI is imperative. There are so many guidelines to follow which make it nearly impossible to represent oneself in court.

Our highly specialized legal team can handle any case from traditional litigation divorce to same sex adoption. There is really no case too large or small. Our firm works with confidence to represent you and your rights.

When you are faced with a family legal issue contact our Grand Rapids family law attorneys. Our firm is committed to providing sound legal advice so that you may make informed decisions to serious choices. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation at no cost to you.