Grand Rapids Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Until recently visitation rights applied only to parents. Today, Michigan statutes protect the visitation rights of grandparents and even other non-family members such as foster parents or caregivers. Obtaining legal counsel from a Grand Rapids grandparent visitation attorney assists in granting visitation rights.

A Grand Rapids grandparent visitation lawyer petitions the court for visitation in the following circumstances:

  • If the parents of the child are separated or divorced.
  • If the parents were never married and not living together.
  • If the parents are not the guardians of the child.
  • If the grandparent was the caregiver for child within the previous year.

If a grandparent meets one or more of the criteria listed they may make a motion to the court for visitation. A court presumes the parents who are denying visitation are doing so in the best interest of the child. The job of a grandparent visitation attorney Grand Rapids is to overcome this presumption and demonstrate to the court that the grandparent’s absence will cause the child to suffer mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Our Grand Rapids grandparent visitation attorney has helped many families in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities gain visitation rights. Sadly, divorce often times damages the grandparent child relationship. Ill feelings and resentment are usually to blame. The first step is to contact a knowledgeable grandparent visitation lawyer Grand Rapids MI.

The attorneys at our law office are specialized in the area of family law. We genuinely listen to our clients to gain a better understanding of your situation. We are committed to validating the presence of grandparents in children’s lives. Grandparents have much to offer in terms of love, care taking, and guidance.

If you are being denied visitation contact our Grand Rapids grandparent visitation attorney today. The initial telephone consultation is at no charge to you.