Grand Rapids Legal Guardianship Attorney

Guardianship must be determined in the event a minor has lost both parents. This could be do to an unexpected death, the parent(s) have abandoned the child, or other circumstances which leave the child without a legal guardian.

A petition to court must be filed to request guardianship of a minor or incapacitated adult. A Grand Rapids legal guardianship attorney is familiar with the process and can assist you along the way. Filing guidelines and deadlines must be strictly followed or the petition will be void.

Guardianships in the state of Michigan may be permanent, temporary, or limited. A Grand Rapids legal guardianship lawyer is experienced in all three types and assists clients in choosing which type will work best for their situation.

A permanent guardian is one who acts in the place of the parent but cannot adopt the child. This type of guardianship lasts until the child is 18 years old.

A temporary guardianship only lasts 6 months. Temporary guardianship is granted when both parents are in the military or if parents are experiencing difficulties such as a job loss or health problems.

A limited plan may be in place if the parents are required to take parenting class or need to find a decent place to live. When the steps have been taken to improve the life of the child the limited guardianship will be terminated.

A legal guardianship attorney in Grand Rapids MI takes their job very seriously and is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal counsel for your family. If you are in the position of managing the affairs of a child or adult contact a Grand Rapids legal guardianship attorney to discuss the situation.

Establishing guardianship is a sensitive matter. A legal guardianship lawyer in Grand Rapids MI understands the complexity of the issue and is conscious of the needs of those involved. Call our law office today to schedule a consultation with a Grand Rapids legal guardianship attorney.