Grand Rapids Marital Asset Division Attorney

In Michigan, divorce law acknowledges two types of property: Separate and Marital. Separate property is property that was owned prior to marriage. This includes home, car, furniture, inheritances, money gifts, and any other tangible items. Marital property is property and debt acquired during the course of the marriage. It is the latter type of property that is subject to division in the event of divorce. To ensure fair division it is important that both parties are represented by an experienced Grand Rapids marital asset division attorney.

The longer the marriage the more complicated the division of assets. For this reason, it is extremely important to consult with a Grand Rapids marital asset division lawyer regarding your case. There are several factors to present to the court to consider in asset division. A marital asset division attorney Grand Rapids MI thoroughly reviews the amount of assets and property. Information regarding your circumstance will be discussed at length and openly. If needed, a Grand Rapids marital asset division attorney may use the available resources available to locate hidden assets.

Divorce is difficult. Transitioning to a new life is overwhelming too. The role of a marital asset division lawyer Grand Rapids MI is to ensure clients are aware of their legal spousal rights and their best interests are preserved and protected.

Protect your property and your rights. Contribution to a household deserves to be acknowledged and awarded. A Grand Rapids martial asset division attorney ensures distribution is lawful, reasonable, and fair for each spouse.

Our family law firm serves the needs of clients in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. We have successfully represented many cases involving divorce, alimony, and asset division. Our experienced attorneys work compassionately on your case. We understand the emotional and financial stress of divorce.

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