Wyoming Alimony Attorneys

In Michigan, spouses are entitled to spousal support in the event of separation and / or divorce. The longer the marriage the greater the benefit as spouses tend to rely heavily on each other with each progressing year. Alimony is the legal obligation of one party to pay the other party usually until the person is financially independent. Wyoming alimony attorneys represent clients on both sides of the coin.

Wyoming alimony lawyers gain information from the spouse. These factors are considered when determining the dollar amount to received or paid.

The ability of the party providing the alimony to afford the payment amount.

The financial needs of the party receiving the support.

The earning capacity and ability to work.

The length of time the couple was married. The longer the marriage the more likely spousal support will be granted.

The party requesting spousal support is the primary caretaker of the children.

The party receiving the support previously worked in a business owned by the support provider.

For the sake of argument, it is in both parties best interest to agree upon the amount paid and how often. The needs of the receiver need to be met. However, the amount to be paid must be fair to the other spouse. Alimony attorneys in Wyoming MI are experienced in putting the numbers together to determine a fair amount.

Wyoming alimony attorneys understand the difficulty with alimony proceedings. Spousal support is one of the most difficult aspects during and after divorce. Alimony lawyers in Wyoming MI are familiar with Michigan family law. We work hard to make sure your rights are acknowledged and fair compensation for the contribution to the household is met.

If you are considering divorce or in the process do not delay. In order to receive alimony you must petition. Contact knowledgeable alimony attorneys to discuss your spousal rights.