Wyoming Child Custody Lawyer

Family matters such as child custody issues can take its toil on your emotions. Complex situations such as these should be handled by an experienced Wyoming child custody lawyer. A Wyoming child custody attorney assists clients by offering sound legal advice. Our firm listens to your side and takes the time to better understand your needs and goals. Our attorneys assess your case informing you of your legal rights and the options available to you.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the two forms of custody in the state of Michigan. The first type is legal custody. Parents or other individuals with legal custody determine all decisions regarding the welfare and upbringing of the child. The choice of school, religion, healthcare, and all long term decisions are made by the party with legal custody. Physical custody is where the child lives most of the time. Physical custody is usually given to the custodial parent while the non custodial parent receives visitation rights.

Rather than litigation many parents are turning to mediation to solve family matters. Mediation is more peaceful than courtroom litigation. Courts and our child custody lawyer in Wyoming MI prefer this method of resolution. Important decisions such as child custody are more appropriately made by the parents themselves. During mediation, a Wyoming child custody lawyer serves as a neutral level headed individual who assists couples in working together to solve their issues.

Unfortunately, there are cases where one parent may be unfit to coparent the child. This may be due to alcohol or drug addiction. Speaking with a Child custody attorney in Wyoming MI is helpful in gaining an understanding of seeking sole custody of the child.

Child custody issues should not be faced alone. Contact our office to speak with a Wyoming child custody lawyer. The initial consultation is offered to you at no cost.