Wyoming Divorce Mediation Attorney

Mediation divorce is gaining popularity as a peaceful alternative to a litigation divorce. Mediation offers many benefits including:

Takes much less time

Costs less money

Open communication and cooperation between the two parties

Less conflict

A neutral Wyoming divorce mediation attorney oversees the process. Neither party is represented by the Wyoming divorce mediation lawyer. The mediators role is to facilitate the meeting by offering suggestions to avoid conflict and provide information that will enable the spouses to make informed decisions regarding their divorce.

During mediation the spouses are in control of their situation. Decisions that ultimately affect your life should not be made by a Wyoming divorce mediation attorney or courtroom. You know your situation best and what is best for your family. Every issue surrounding divorce may be settled during mediation. A divorce mediation attorney Wyoming MI is capable of handling issues such as:

  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Visitation Rights
  • Property / Asset Division
  • Child Support
  • Divorce

Mediation works well for uncontested divorces. Why pay for a trial attorney if you will never go to trial? Even if you are not in agreement the majority of marriages settle out of court. Save time and money with a divorce mediation lawyer Wyoming MI.

Many couples feel great satisfaction following mediation. The ability to find solutions together in a non-threatening environment is empowering. Cooperation and team work opens communication and trust which are important factors to maintain when children are involved. Couples who have mediated a divorce successfully report they have less ongoing issues than the couples who litigated their divorce.

Mediation divorce is a peaceful alternative to litigation. This form of divorce is available to any couple seeking divorce. Mediation allows you as a couple to plan a future for yourselves and your children. If you are thinking about divorce please contact our law office to speak with a Wyoming divorce mediation attorney.