Wyoming Marital Asset Division Attorney

Division of assets and property is an important issue to address during divorce. Distribution of property in many cases is a sensitive area. All property, assets, and debt acquired during the course of marriage is subject to division. Hiring an experienced Wyoming Marital asset division attorney is an important step to ensure you get what you deserve.

Specialized in family law, a Wyoming marital asset division lawyer informs clients of their rights as a spouse. Property and assets owned prior to marriage will not be subjected to division. However, any monies, automobiles, homes, furniture, and debt acquired after marriage will be handled through litigation or mediation.

Mediation services are provided by a marital asset division attorney Wyoming MI. Mediation offers several benefits for couples. Mediation costs much less than litigation. It allows couples to have a voice and control over their situation. Lawyers and courts do not make any arguments for the case. The two parties work the issues out themselves. The role of a Wyoming marital asset division attorney during mediation is simply a knowledgeable neutral party that informs each party of their rights. A mediation martial asset division lawyer Wyoming MI does not represent either party during the process.

When necessary, we have the resources to locate hidden assets. It is an unfortunate reality that some spouses try to hide assets before or during divorce to avoid sharing them. The state of Michigan uses discovery legal tools to locate assets that have been put into hiding. Locating hidden assets can be challenging on your own. Working with an experienced attorney is extremely beneficial if you believe your spouse is hiding assets.

If you are considering divorce or currently in the process we strongly recommend hiring a highly qualified Wyoming marital asset division attorney. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.