Wyoming Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

Meeting with an accomplished Wyoming prenuptial agreements attorney is crucial when considering a prenuptial agreement. Every state has its own laws pertaining to the agreement and it is essential to know your rights prior to entering or writing a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is created before marriage. The contract contains instructions for distribution of property and / or assets in the event of divorce or death. A Wyoming prenuptial agreement in some instances is referred to as responsible estate planning.

Prenuptial agreements attorney in Wyoming MI will gather information regarding income, property, and assets. Common types are:

  • Family business
  • Trust funds
  • Retirement
  • Pension
  • Vacation home(s)
  • Stocks
  • Child and spousal support obligations
  • Employment status
  • Age
  • Health status

The inventory of assets, property, and income must paint an accurate picture. Intentionally overlooking an item is unlawful and will cause the prenuptial agreement to become null and void. A Wyoming prenuptial agreements attorney utilizes the resources available such as business experts, accountants, and real estate appraisers to assess the value of owned properties and assets.

Working with a knowledgeable prenuptial agreements lawyer in Wyoming MI will assist in creating an agreement which will be enforceable at a later time. The agreement must be fair and reasonable to the other party. Both parties must voluntarily commit to the prenuptial agreement. Any sign of forced coercion will deem the contract invalid.

Many courts do not uphold prenuptial agreements. The belief is that prenuptial agreements support divorce which is not in the best interest of the public. If the marriage does fail the agreement must still be fair for the circumstances at that time.

In the event you are considering a prenuptial agreement arrange a consultation with a professional Wyoming prenuptial agreements attorney. The formal agreement should be written prior to the wedding to be valid.